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Tavern provides you with the perfect flow for taking orders and successfully delivering them to your customers! 🍻

Tavern -
your orders,
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The key to success consists of three simple steps:

  1. Get to a bar
  2. Order beer
  3. Get drunk
We here at Tavern aren’t wizards ourselves, so we can only do as much as to support you with Step 2 – but fuck, are we good at it!

Our programs



With our intuitive web application it’s really simple for your staff to add orders to the queue and transmit it to the kitchen or other staff it belongs to.

Cloud Print


With our cloud print services we make sure to safely deliver your orders to your bar or kitchen staff. So that no order get’s lost and your guests are happy.

What makes us different

Cloud based application

Tavern utilizes a modern cloud infrastructure to power your orders. This means your handheld devices work independent from local networks and without extensive configuration.

Developed with security in focus

Catering business can be stressful at times. The last thing you need in these times is a security breach or someone else messing up your stuff. Tavern got you with strict separations of data an access concerns.

Blazing fast & simple user interface

Ordering food should not be rocket science. Tavern lets you input your orders, print them, and bill them. That's it. Nothing fancy.

State-of-the-art Technology

As a Progressive-Web-App we utilize modern web technologies to provide our customers with high quality applications without obstructive development/deployment processes.

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